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          Basic specifications
          When the construction elevator and material elevator at the ground feeding port of the access road in the street passage and building passage are within the falling radius or within the slewing range of the crane boom, protective sheds and passages must be set up to avoid accidents caused by biological impact.
          通道防護棚應采用建筑鋼管扣件腳手架或其他型鋼材料搭設,嚴禁采用竹木桿件搭 設防護棚。
          The safety passage protective shed should be erected using construction steel pipe fasteners, scaffolding, or other steel materials. It is strictly prohibited to use bamboo and wood poles to erect protective sheds.
          通道及防護棚的頂部嚴密鋪設雙層正交竹串片腳手板或雙層正交18厚木模板的水平硬質防護,及封閉的防護欄或擋板,整體應能承受 10kPa 的均布靜荷載。塔吊主要經行線路轉料平臺卸料平臺落物曲線范圍內的通道及防護棚頂部嚴密鋪設雙層正交 50 厚木板。
          The top of the safety passage and protective shed should be tightly laid with double-layer orthogonal bamboo string scaffold boards or double-layer orthogonal 18 thick wooden templates for horizontal hard protection, and the enclosed protective fence or baffle should be able to withstand a uniformly distributed static load of 10kPa as a whole. The tower crane mainly passes through the safety passage within the curve range of the unloading platform of the line transfer platform, and the top of the protective shed is tightly laid with double-layer orthogonal 50 thick wooden boards.
          Special technical plans must be developed for particularly important or large safety passage protective sheds and cantilever protective facilities, and implemented after approval by the technical director of the enterprise.
          通道凈空高度和寬度應根據通道所處位置及人車通行要求確定,高度一般不低于3.5 m,寬度一般不低于 3m。高度在 15 m 以下建筑物,其進出口通道長度不低于 3 m;高度在 15-30m 的建筑物,其進出口通道長度不低于 4 m,高度超過 30 m 的建筑物,其進出口通道長度不低于 5 m。通道長度自腳手架外排立桿起算。
          The clearance height and width of the safety passage should be determined based on the location of the passage and the requirements for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The height is generally not less than 3.5 meters, and the width is generally not less than 3 meters. Buildings with a height of less than 15 meters shall have an inlet and outlet passage length of no less than 3 meters; For buildings with a height of 15-30m, the length of their entrance and exit channels shall not be less than 4 meters, and for buildings with a height exceeding 30 meters, the length of their entrance and exit channels shall not be less than 5 meters. The length of the passage is calculated from the vertical poles outside the scaffold.
          立桿基礎必須硬化處理,通道使用期內不得發生地面沉陷,立桿必須沿通行方向通長設 置掃地桿和剪刀撐。
          The foundation of the upright pole must be hardened, and ground settlement must not occur during the use period of the passage. The upright pole must be equipped with sweeping poles and diagonal braces along the entire length of the passage direction.
          常規通道立桿縱距不應超過 1200mm,防護棚懸挑尺寸為 300~500mm,雙層防護棚 層間距為 500~600mm。
          The longitudinal distance between the vertical poles of the conventional safety passage should not exceed 1200mm, the overhanging size of the protective shed should be 300-500mm, and the spacing between the double layer protective sheds should be 500-600mm.
          寬度超過 3.5 m 或高度超過 4 m 的通道,立桿間距應加密或使用雙立桿型鋼腳手 架管格構式立柱,縱向橫桿應采用型鋼制作或搭設承重腳手架。
          For safety passages with a width exceeding 3.5 meters or a height exceeding 4 meters, the spacing between upright poles should be increased or double upright steel scaffolding tube lattice columns should be used. Longitudinal horizontal bars should be made of steel profiles or load-bearing scaffolding should be erected.
          Isolation railings should be installed on the side of the safety passage to guide pedestrians through it, and if necessary, dense mesh should be hung to close it.
          II. Protection methods
          Safe passage within the site area
          Safe passage into the building
          Construction elevator material elevator ground inlet safety passage
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