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          Construction site enclosure spraying is a common safety protection measure. By using a spraying system, the diffusion of pollutants and noise on construction sites can be reduced, dust can be reduced, the construction environment can be improved, and the health and environmental quality of surrounding residents can be protected. The spray system can be programmed according to a fixed time and spray volume, with a high degree of automation and easy operation.
          In the implementation of construction site enclosure spray engineering, the following points need to be noted:
          First of all, survey should be carried out according to the actual situation of the site to determine the installation position of the spray pipeline and the spray head, and consider the installation height of the spray pipe, the spray direction angle of the spray head and the spray range. Generally, a spray head is installed at 3-4 meters. During installation, the spray head needs to be tightened and the high-pressure pipe is installed in place.
          Secondly, appropriate spraying equipment and high-pressure pipeline materials should be selected to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment, and measures to prevent frost cracking should be taken.
          Once again, the sprinkler water source should ensure sufficient supply and consider equipping external water sources such as water pump equipment or reservoirs to ensure normal use.
          Daily maintenance and management should be strengthened, and personnel should be arranged to regularly replace the spray pump oil to avoid missing oil causing cylinder pulling; Pay attention to cleaning nozzles, checking the operation of pipelines and valves, and promptly handle damage and faults to ensure the normal operation of the system.


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