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          Do you want to choose a beautiful and practical enclosure for a construction site with limited funding? Do you know what kind of fence is suitable for your engineering needs? The selection of enclosure includes the following factors: construction site construction and material selection are crucial. Currently, there are three main types of enclosure in the national market.
          The first type, metal fence: also known as color steel fence, metal seamless fence, keel buckle color steel fence,
          Metal fence: This type of fence is mainly composed of color steel plates. The price of the standard version of metal fence (2 meters high, 3.6 meters wide, and 0.3mm thick) is mainly influenced by the thickness of color steel plates. Advantages: Metal fence has higher strength than PVC fence, higher aesthetics, higher smoothness, and can be used for more than 5 years. Especially the improved new type of keel buckle colored steel fence, which uses 1.2 thick G-shaped steel as the keel, greatly enhances the wind resistance strength of the fence and makes installation simpler and more convenient.
          The characteristics of metal fences
          The new metal enclosure is all made of metal materials, with special treatment such as electrostatic spraying on the surface, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, no color, no fading, and has the characteristics of insect and moisture resistance. Long service life, green and environmentally friendly materials, recyclable and recyclable.
          The components of the metal enclosure, such as columns, beams, diagonal braces, baffles, and transverse reinforcement bars, can be quickly installed and assembled in a standardized manner. High production efficiency and convenient transportation greatly reduce the procurement cost of enclosures.
          The metal fence installation is convenient, fast, and very sturdy. Can be reused multiple times without affecting the urban environment. Users can also create advertising spaces on the colored steel fence to enhance space utilization.
          The metal enclosure can withstand various harsh weather conditions, and is not afraid of wind, sun, rain, and dust, sound absorption. And it itself is a fireproof material that can effectively delay the spread of fires and ensure personal and property safety.
          Type 2, PVC enclosure: also known as municipal enclosure, engineering enclosure, construction site enclosure, plastic enclosure, municipal enclosure, or fence
          This type of fence is mainly made of polyethylene and calcium powder in a ratio. The standard version of PVC fence (2.5 meters high, 3.0 meters wide, and 2.2 centimeters thick) mainly affects the price of PVC fence due to the material of the PVC board surface. The different ratios of polyethylene and calcium powder also result in different molded boards. Good PVC boards have good toughness, are not easily damaged or brittle, have high smoothness, are easy to clean, and are flame retardant and aesthetically pleasing. This type of fence can be used for more than three years.
          Advantages of PVC enclosure:
          1. No need for painting and maintenance, long-lasting and durable, eliminating the fatigue and trouble of maintenance, and low overall cost;
          2. Easy and fast installation, using friction type connections or connecting accessories for installation, greatly improving installation efficiency;
          3. Safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to people, even if accidentally touched, it will not harm people like steel or iron guardrails;
          4. The inner cavity of the enclosure is reinforced with galvanized lining steel or aluminum alloy, which has sufficient strength and impact resistance, making the PVC enclosure both steel
          The strength of the material and the aesthetics of PVC;
          5. Adopting special formulas and specialized ultraviolet absorbers, it does not fade, turn yellow, peel off, crack, or foam.
          Third category, iron fence: alternative name (color steel fence, simple fence, mobile fence)
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