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          1、施工現場所有鋼筋加工場均需設置加工棚,所有露天放置的施工設備均應搭設防護棚,如攪拌機、砂漿機、輸送泵:在建筑物墜落半徑內或塔吊覆蓋范圍內的加工棚需 要設置雙層防護;

          1. All steel bar processing yards on the construction site need to be equipped with processing sheds, and all construction equipment placed in the open air should be equipped with safety protection sheds, such as mixers, mortar machines, and delivery pumps. Double layer protection is required for processing sheds within the falling radius of buildings or within the coverage of tower cranes;
          2. The installation of outdoor processing sheds and protective sheds should meet the specifications and usage requirements, and safety warning slogans and promotional slogans (with blue background and white characters) should be hung around, and the ground should be hardened;
          3. The pillars of the processing shed are made of square or round steel, painted with construction blue paint. The protective shed should be equipped with diagonal braces on both sides, and a dense safety net should be hung. All horizontal rods should extend 100mm beyond the outer side of the upright rods;
          4、基礎采闬C20素砍基礎(地基承載力不能滿足要求時需配置鋼筋),加工棚立柱與基 礎預埋件可采用螺栓連接或焊接連接;
          4. The foundation adopts C20 plain cut foundation (steel bars are required when the bearing capacity of the foundation cannot meet the requirements), and the processing shed columns and foundation embedded parts can be connected by bolts or welding;
          5. The roof is made of galvanized iron sheet tiles and painted with construction blue paint
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