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          The edge guardrails are all composed of steel structures. The steel is made of national standard materials and constructed strictly according to the drawings. The dimensions are correct, and the welding points are firm to achieve safety protection. The lower bracket plate of the edge guardrail is separated by yellow and black intervals
          The foundation pit guardrail is composed of protective mesh and columns. The protective mesh of the foundation pit fence is made of 2cm × Welded 4cm square tube, with a single piece size of 1.1 meters × 1.7 meters, with cross ear use at both ends Φ 10 bolts are connected and fixed to the column, with a distance of 15cm between the ear and the upper and lower edges.
          立柱采用8cm方管 高度1.3m,底部有法蘭(8mm×15cm×15cm鋼板)每個法蘭盤設4個螺栓孔、頂部封閉,與地面用Φ14膨脹螺栓固定。
          The column adopts an 8cm square tube with a height of 1.3m and a flange (8mm) at the bottom × 15cm × 15cm steel plate) Each flange plate is equipped with 4 bolt holes and the top is closed, which is connected to the ground Φ Fix with 14 expansion bolts.
          After installation, the upper edge of the guardrail is flush with the column, the lower edge is 20cm from the ground, and the distance between the two columns is 2 meters. The raw materials used are all national standard materials, and the construction is strictly in accordance with the drawings. The dimensions are correct, and the welding points are firm, achieving the purpose of safety protection.
          The mesh design is yellow, and the pillars are red, both of which are spray painted to achieve a red and white warning effect. The mesh size is 50 * 50mm, and the diameter of the steel wire is 3.5mm.
          The movable foundation pit guardrail is 100 meters long, and the fixed guardrail is 1361 meters long. The movable and fixed guardrails of the foundation pit enclosure guardrail have the same size as the fixed guardrail, and a 20cm triangular support is added at both ends of the fixed position. Stable support, supported by an 8cm square tube.


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