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          The steel bar processing shed is a site for straightening, bending, welding, and other steel bar processing operations on the construction site. The length and width of the steel bar processing shed are generally determined based on the number of steel bars processed and the amount of machinery used. Generally, there are several types of processing sheds, such as 6 * 12m, 9 * 12m, and 18 * 30m. The length and width dimensions can be designed according to the actual construction situation. The layout of the workbench of the reinforcement processing shed should also be reasonable, according to the real reinforcement processing process, as well as the storage of raw material reinforcement before processing and finished products after processing, so the ground of the reinforcement processing shed should be 30cm higher than the ground of the construction site to prevent rain soaking. When erecting with scaffold tubes, there should be ground cross bars and slant support to ensure the stability of the processing shed.
          2、 Customized steel bar processing shed on the construction site:
          The reinforcement processing shed at the construction site is made of international standard steel. First, multiple steel pipes are buckled and erected into an integral steel structure of the processing shed at the site with fasteners, then slant support and double-layer anti smashing structure are set to verify whether the strength of the steel structure meets the design requirements, and finally, safety banner is hooked on the railing, and the standardized design of the entire reinforcement processing shed is completed. Fully assembled, quick assembly, easy disassembly, and convenient transportation. The specifications of profiles and accessories can be customized according to needs. At the same time, the ground also needs to be hardened, and the column foundation is poured with 700 * 700 * 700mm concrete, and 300 * 300 * 12mm steel plates are embedded.
          3、 Manufacturer of reinforcement processing shed on construction site:
          In general, the steel bar processing shed is within the lifting range of the tower crane, otherwise it is inconvenient to lift the steel bars. At the same time, double layer hard protection must be installed, and the specific size of the shed should be determined according to the actual situation.
          2.防護棚的頂有二層的,上面的隔層上鋪模板,下面一層鋪二層竹芭片子,二層之間間距500 mm。
          2. The top of the protective shed has two layers. The top partition is covered with formwork, and the bottom layer is covered with two layers of bamboo sheets, with a spacing of 500 mm between the two layers.
          3. The tool type steel bar processing shed should be prominently hung with operating instruction signs and safety propaganda banners. The size of the signs is: wide × Height=2000mm × 1000mm, the width of the banner should be 1m.


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