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          1. Continuous and enclosed fences should be set up around the construction site according to regulations; Safety protection facilities should also be installed when building multi-story and high-rise buildings. The height of fences set up on major urban road sections, urban landscape roads, airports, docks, and station squares shall not be less than 2.5m, while the height of fences set up on other road sections shall not be less than 1.8m.
          2. The materials used for fencing should ensure that the fence is stable, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing. On the construction site of municipal engineering projects, fences can be set up in sections according to the project progress or unified continuous guardrail facilities can be used according to regulations. Construction units are not allowed to stack construction materials, garbage, and engineering debris outside the fence of the construction site. In areas that have been approved for temporary occupation, construction materials or machinery and equipment should be stored and unloaded strictly according to the approved land area and usage nature. A fence higher than 1m should be set up around the temporary area
          3. On construction sites with conditions, prominent promotional slogans reflecting the spirit of the enterprise and the style of the times must be hung and written on the surrounding walls, dormitory walls, and other places.
          Surroundings and obstructions around urban construction sites. Play a beautifying, neat, and unified role. In the current basic urban construction, it will be used. The height of the enclosure is generally over 2 meters, with common ones being 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, and 8 meters, or 12 meters higher. The surface of the enclosure and the posting of renderings and promotional images of the project are also included. Or used for urban public service advertising.
          For fences with a height of less than 4 meters, a single column type is generally used, and the foundation is excavated at a depth of about 1 meter underground., The column adopts a diameter of 140mm or 189mm, etc.
          For fences with a height of over 4 meters, a double column type is generally used, and the underground deep excavation foundation is adjusted according to the height. Double columns are used with diameters ranging from 114mm to 219mm.
          The surface is coated with galvanized tiles, usually 0.5mm thick.


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