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          The common way to address safety issues on construction sites is to set up fences. The construction site fence not only maintains the safety of the construction site, but also plays a role in drainage, isolation, and reducing noise. When choosing a fence plan, multiple factors often need to be considered, including the height, material, interface, and firmness of the fence. Overall, the fence construction plan needs to not only beautify the construction site, but also comply with industry regulations and the actual situation of the construction site.


          How to choose the enclosure for construction sites



          During the construction process, it is generally necessary to isolate the construction site from the surrounding environment to prevent safety accidents caused by construction. For this reason, we recommend using a 4-meter high fence and suggest using an aluminum alloy structure, which can ensure lightweight while also having sufficient strength.


          In the selection of materials, there should be materials that are corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and fire-resistant. In the process of material selection, we should also focus on considering the environmental friendliness of the enclosure, and try to choose materials that meet safety production standards to ensure the safety of construction workers and the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the design of the enclosure needs to consider coordination with the indoor and outdoor environment. For situations such as high-rise buildings that are prone to lightning strikes and unconventional types, it is also necessary to consider the application of lightning protection measures.


          At the interface of the fence, we first recommend using a rubber ring connection method. The advantage of this method is to increase the sealing at the interface, effectively avoiding rainwater leakage and affecting construction; In addition, because this interface can be stitched together, it can effectively avoid various safety hazards, thereby improving the safety factor.


          During the construction process of the fence, we also need to add materials such as plastic or gauze to the inside of the fence. These materials can reduce dirt and noise on the one hand, and on the other hand, protect the fence and extend its service life.


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