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          The column plate of the color steel fence can be considered a very important component, and many people may not have a particular understanding of the design of the column plate before this.
          When designing the column plates of the color steel fence, all of them are made of galvanized steel plates. The thickness of these square tubes is maintained at around 0.5 millimeters, and they can also be used for welding the keel frame, or choose color steel plates with a thickness of about 30 millimeters, but the entire height is about two meters.
          The top of the color steel fence is equipped with a top strip, and the bottom can be stacked with various types of bricks. There are also other thick cement mortar on the inside, which can be brushed white after solidification.
          Advantages of color steel fence:
          1. High cost-effectiveness: The color steel fence (color steel fence) is mainly used for a long time - it is economical to use it for more than half a year, and only after using it for more than one year can it have cost-effectiveness.
          2. Wide application environment: Color steel fence (color steel fence) has strong wind, rain, and collision resistance, mainly used for collision prevention on both sides of the road, is not easily damaged, has good overall aesthetics, and has a long service life (recommended for 2-3 years or more); Construction sites are used to replace brick walls, reduce danger, reduce costs, reduce wall weight, and have good wind and rain resistance effects; Installed according to design standards, the overall effect far exceeds that of brick walls. The appearance is flat, not easily deformed, reliable, and does not fade. The installation of advertising images is simple, making it an ideal wall material.
          3. Customizable height: The color steel fence (color steel fence) is formed by rolling the color steel plate in the factory, with standard heights of 1.8 meters and 2 meters. Other specifications of heights can be customized according to customer needs, and can be produced in heights of 0.8-5 meters. The length of each fence can be customized at will.
          4. Convenient transportation: (with a bandwidth of 27 centimeters) with a length of 1.58-1.78 meters (customized specifications can be controlled by CNC cutting according to actual height requirements), 10 pieces of plate body wrapped around one piece (with a weight of 3-5kg packaged by a packaging machine), assembled by workers on the construction site.
          5. Easy and fast installation: Taking the standard model with a height of 1.8 meters as an example, three workers can install a length of 250-350 meters in a day under normal circumstances. Based on a construction site of 2000 meters, six installation workers can complete the installation in 3-5 days.
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