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          1. The construction site enclosure should be "aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, clean, sturdy, and stable", and the material should be made of steel plate hard materials instead of colored cloth, bamboo fences, clay solid bricks, etc. Red lights should also be set up for municipal road engineering to serve as a warning for the safety of construction sites.
          2. Steel structure fences should be selected for areas with dense personnel flow within the influence range of deep foundation pits.
          3. The construction enclosure and living area walls are generally not less than 2.5m in the urban area, and generally not less than 1.8m in other places.
          4. The height of the enclosure should not exceed 6m, and the spacing between columns should not exceed 3.6m. Before setting up the enclosure, wind resistance calculations should be conducted for the local environment.
          5. The unit using the fence should regularly inspect the installed fence and take corresponding reinforcement measures immediately in case of cracking, settlement, tilting, etc.
          6. Normally, if advertising is to be carried out on the enclosure, the advertising slogans should be pasted on the front of the enclosure, and excessive advertising signs should not be directly erected on or adjacent to the enclosure. If it is necessary to erect them, the stress system should be independent and can only be erected after design calculations. All measures should be established on the premise of ensuring safety.
          7. Galvanized and painted isolation enclosures do not fade or corrode, and can be reused for a long time. Overall, the cost-effectiveness is more cost-effective compared to PVC and advertising cloth, and the recycling value is higher.
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