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          One reason is that some construction units believe that the walls on the construction site are temporary and have a temporary concept, so they do not pay attention to them during construction and do not follow the standard requirements for construction; Secondly, in order to save materials, the wall is built with clay, so that after the completion of the project, the wall bricks can be removed for secondary use. However, this practice will inevitably result in low strength and poor stability of the wall itself; The third is the construction of walls near forest belts and green vegetation, without taking preventive measures during construction. Due to the frequent watering of forest belts and slight spraying of green vegetation, the foundation of the wall continues to sink, the wall peels off, and the wall tilts and collapses; Fourthly, a large amount of soil, sand, stones, or other building materials are piled up on one side of the construction site fence, causing significant lateral pressure on the fence and causing it to collapse.
          Based on the above issues, the author believes that in addition to eliminating temporary concepts, corresponding technical measures should be taken for the construction of the enclosure wall at the construction site according to the different environmental and geological conditions and the length of the project cycle. The following are several construction methods that the author believes are better, for the reference of colleagues only.
          1.在原土地面上砌筑圍墻時,基礎開挖深度應不小于400mm。施工順序為:先用M5水泥砂漿砌筑兩層500寬磚基礎 收臺砌一層370 砌筑500高的240寬實心磚砌體 M1粘土砂漿砌筑240空斗墻 M5水泥砂漿圍墻壓頂。
          When building a wall on the original soil surface, the excavation depth of the foundation should not be less than 400mm. The construction sequence is as follows: first, use M5 cement mortar to build two layers of 500 wide brick foundation and one layer of 370 brick masonry with 500 high 240 wide solid brick masonry M1 clay mortar to build 240 empty bucket wall M5 cement mortar to top the wall.
          2.在松軟的地面上,砌筑圍墻時,基礎開挖深度應不小于500mm。施工順序為:基槽底部進行打夯 M5水泥砂漿砌筑四層500寬磚基礎 收臺砌一層370磚 砌筑1000mm高的240實心磚砌體 M1粘土砂漿砌筑240空斗墻 M5水泥砂漿壓頂。圖略。
          2. When building walls on soft ground, the excavation depth of the foundation should not be less than 500mm. The construction sequence is: ramming the bottom of the foundation trench with M5 cement mortar, laying four layers of 500 wide brick foundation, laying one layer of 370 bricks, laying a 1000mm high 240 solid brick masonry with M1 clay mortar, and laying a 240 empty bucket wall with M5 cement mortar for topping. Sketch.
          3.在林帶邊和植被邊砌筑圍墻時,要考慮林帶澆水和綠化微噴的影響,基礎深度應不小于600mm。施工順序為:先澆注500寬200mm厚C10砼 M5水泥砂漿砌筑100mm高的240實心墻 M1粘土砂漿砌筑240空斗墻 M5水泥砂漿壓頂,砌筑完畢*近林帶和植被一側的圍墻,墻面就立即用M5防水砂漿抹面。
          When building walls along forest belts and vegetation, the first consideration should be given to the effects of watering the forest belts and spraying green trees. The foundation depth should not be less than 600mm. The construction sequence is as follows: First, pour 500 wide and 200mm thick C10 concrete M5 cement mortar to build a 100mm high 240 solid wall, M1 clay mortar to build a 240 empty bucket wall, and M5 cement mortar to press the top. After the construction is completed, the wall on the side near the forest belt and vegetation will be immediately plastered with M5 waterproof mortar.
          4. When constructing the wall, the spacing between brick stacks must be set according to the requirements of the specifications, usually one brick stack is set at 3-3.6m; When building empty bucket walls, it is necessary to follow the principle of "five buckets and one sleep" to ensure the overall stability of the wall. Another point to note is that it is strictly prohibited to pile soil, sand, stones, or other building materials on one side of the built wall.


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