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          The construction fence is reused, making it more resilient and easy to disassemble. The construction fence construction is more tidy. Nowadays, society advocates low-carbon living, and everyone should participate. In the past, cement fences were used around construction sites, roads, and other areas to maintain the environment and safety. This was costly and had to be dismantled once the construction was completed, which not only wasted material costs but also caused pollution to the environment.
          Most of the construction fences have replaced cement fences. It can be used continuously for more than 10 years, and can be turned over more than 5 times even through repeated loading, unloading, and dismantling. As long as it is used once, 80% of the cost of the brick concrete wall can be recovered. If used more than 5 times, only 25% of the cost of the brick concrete wall can be recovered each time.
          The construction fence adopts color steel sandwich panels as the wall, and the back uses metal square pipes or angle steel as the fence framework. The metal square pipes are made into shaped triangular brackets for support, and the galvanized construction fence is reused to fix the triangular brackets with zinc angle iron or expansion screws.
          The construction enclosure has good stability, strong wind and rain resistance, anti dumping ability, beautiful and tidy appearance, no deformation, easy installation, removal, transportation, reusable ability, and low cost.
          Construction fences are particularly suitable for linear construction sites such as road and bridge construction, as well as civil construction sites with deep foundations. It plays a protective role in the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, personnel and property, and plays a positive role in dust prevention, noise reduction, and beautification of urban color steel walls.
          Characteristics of temporary construction fences; The temporary wall of color steel plate is made of steel structural columns, with double-sided sandwich color steel plates or single-layer profiled color steel plates connected by bolts. Fix colored steel plates on the fence for temporary construction site isolation, convenient and reusable.
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