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          Foundation pit edge guardrail, also known as foundation pit protective net, foundation pit guardrail, foundation pit edge guardrail, construction site guardrail, etc. At the beginning of construction, the first priority is to excavate the foundation and enclose the excavated foundation pit to prevent construction accidents, ensure that no safety accidents occur during construction, and ensure the normal construction progress.



          Before installation, the edge guardrail of the foundation pit is generally constructed by pouring lower bricks or concrete and using mechanical expansion bolts, chemical screws for inspection, and other methods to solve the problem of lowering the foundation straight line of the steel lining part of the central pillar. If a lower wall bottom plate is not formed, the length of the steel lining can be directly buried inside the wall and officially constructed after the wall's curing period. Alternatively, prefabricated components can be made in advance and welded to the column. This method is more secure than bolted connections, but the premise is that during construction, attention must be paid to straight and horizontal lines, and the distance between the steel column and the steel lining should be consistent with the design dimensions to ensure that the semi-finished product can be connected to it.


          Draw two parallel lines on the straight line, making the entire section the benchmark for installation and adjustment. After installation, ensure that the upper and lower ends of the foundation pit protective fence are flat. Before the construction site is established, the cross and steel lining of the foundation pit guardrail have been installed, and the reinforcing parts of each bearing have also been installed in place. During on-site construction, it is only necessary to connect the foundation pit protective fence pad to the column.


          The edge guardrail of the foundation pit is customized according to the construction drawings and constructed strictly according to the drawings. It is required to be assembled in series before leaving the factory. After the product is transported to the construction site, simply insert the steel lining of each column into a stable base and expand the layout according to the requirements of the user department. After the foundation is laid, special bolts will be used to properly connect each foundation pit guardrail. In order to improve wind resistance and malicious movement, a stable base should be fixed on the ground, and the expansion bolt part should be inside the ground.


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